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Which Is The Best Washing Machine Mar(2021) – Comprehensive Buying guide!

Washing machines are the true friend of human being, they help us avoid several issues like back problem, saves time and energy etc.

Washing machine with front load

In this article we will going to see which is the best washing machine brand, what are their specialties, how washing machine works and what are the different types and price categories of washing machine.

A washing machine is a home appliance used to wash laundry. It agitates your clothes in a soapy suds and water to remove any dirt and stains before spinning to drain the water after cycle.

Which Is Best Washing Machine Brand?

We can not specifically say which is the finest washing machine brand, but there are multiple of brands which are consistently delivering great user experience.

Samsung’s Washing Machines

Samsung’s washing machines are reliable and lasts even upto 15 years.

Samsung is a great choice for consumers who like options. The company sells economical and luxury choices with energy-efficient and smart technology features.

Front load washing machine samsung

Samsung’s front loading washing machines are one of the most selling washing machine in india. The only thing is that it is slightly costlier than other washing machines.

If you have enough budget then you should definitely go for a Samsung washing machine.

LG Washing Machines

When it comes to silent and vibration-free operations, flexibility in wash program and superior motor technology, LG washing machine should be the first priority.

Top load washing machine lg

LG offers twin inverter technology with 6 directional motion wash to enhance the washing quality.

Besides, LG offers some more amazing feature, check out LG washing machine reviews.

Bosch & IFB Washing machine

Bosch and IFB washing machines offers nearly same features, with different names. Both brands are budget friendly and presents innovative design.

front load wahing machine ifb and bosch

Service quality of Bosch is better than the IFB, there was a time when IFB was known for its good customer service, but with time they have slipped a-lot. But IFB offers more energy and water efficiency.

Types Of Washing Machines

Washing machines are classified on the basis of loading types, either front load or top load.

Top Load Washing Machines

  • Fully Automatic Washing machine
  • Semi-Automatic Washing Machine

Front Load Washing Machines

  • Integrated
  • Stackable

Top Load Washing Machine

The heart of a top loading washing machine is a vertically aligned drum. As the name suggests, clothes are loaded and unloaded via a door on the top. During the wash cycle, water is added to float your clothes, which are then moved about by an agitator or impeller.

top load washing machine in india

There are two types of top load washing machines :

Fully Automatic Washing Machines

It is the advanced washing machines trending in market, with fully automatic washing machines, washing and drying is easier. It is usually lighter in weight and offers wide range of features and modes.

But it is costly as compared to semi-automatic washing machines and consumes more water.

Semi-Automatic Washing Machines

Semi-automatic washing machines are old school washing machines that require proper attention. Of course it is cheaper but it is more energy consuming than fully automatic washing machine.

semi automatic washing machine top load

Like every coin has two sides, semi-automatic washing machines also has some good and bad things. It occupies more space but it is easy in mobilization.

Front Load Washing Machines

Front load washing machines are considered as most reliable and performing, they are easy to operate and gives more powerful wash.

Not only that, front loading washing machines are also energy efficient and consumes less time. They’re gaining more popularity in Indian and Asian regions.

They only drawback of front loading washing machine is that they are costly and can be problematic for people with back issues ass you have to bent down in order to put clothes. Otherwise it is proper combination of technology with convenience.

There are 2 main types of front loading washing machine :

Stackable Washing Machine With Separate Washer & Dryer

You might think why we need to have a separate washer and dryer while we can have it in one washing machine? The answer is simple for sheer speed.

You can dry one set of clothes and wash the other set at the same time.

stackable front load washing machine

On the other side it requires huge space and much costlier than the conventional washing machine.

Integrated Washing Machine

Among all above washing machines, integrated washing machines are my favourite. They are space saving and aesthetically appealing.

They fit perfectly into a cabinet, and you can close the cabinet when the machine is not in use.

integrated washing machine front load

Integrated washing machines are just front loading washing machine with some setup, they require quite lot of setup work. If you have enough money to splurge for that unnoticeable setup of a washing machine then integrated washing machine should be your choice.

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