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Best Smart TVs In India April(2021) Reviews & Buying Guide!

I remember, in my childhood days CRT was the only display technology in common use. Though a CRT television was also a blessing to have.

But the days have changed, today we even have multiple of TVs in a single flat also.

Best smart tv system for home

By the time TV also became smarter, in today’s market you can control your television by your voice also. So here are the article which enables you to choose best smart TV according to your needs.

This list includes best 43 inch smart TVs, smart 4k TVs, 49 inches TVs, LED TV and 55 inches smart TVs. Generally we have listed all the smart TV under 30,000 price boundary, because best tv should also be cost-efficient. Yes there are also more smart TVs available than list below, for that check this article.

Best Smart Televisions

Kodak 108 cm (43 Inches) 4K Ultra HD

This Kodak smart TV comes with 55 inches diagonal display in black colour. Television also has multiple of connectivity ports and offers different variants depending on the screen size.

  • Resolution : Ultra HD 4k
  • Refresh rate : 60 Hertz
  • Connectivity : 3 HDMI ports, Blu Ray players, gaming console, 2 USB ports
  • Operating System : Android
  • Sound : 24 Watts Output
  • Display : 4K HDR IPS Panel
Reviews :

4K ultra smart LED screen with the refresh rate of 60 hertz makes viewing experience delightful. Besides, it also delivers immersive visuals with IPS panel and slim stylish design.

Appliance is powered by Android operating system, voice search, google play and amazon prime.

Moreover on connectivity front, 3 HDMI ports to connect set top box, 2 USB ports to connect hard drives and other USB devices.

The 24 watt output provides enticing audio while watching.

Cortex A53 Quad Code Processor and Mali450 GPU helps TV run at lightning fast speed to make your experience smooth and enjoyable.

Pros :
  • 2 GB of installed ram
  • IPS panel for delivering bright colours
Cons :
  • No wifi connectivity

Conclusion : In summary television is worthful for its amazing display and large screen size. It is suitable for big rooms.

Salora 126 cm (50 Inches) 4K SLV-4501 SU

Salora SLV offers superior craftmanship and elegant design with 126cm LED screen and A+ grade display panel.

  • Resolution : Ultra HD 4k
  • Refresh rate : 60 Hertz
  • Screen Size : 55-inches
  • Operating System : Android OS
  • Sound : 16 Watts Output
  • Display : A+ Grade Panel
Reviews :

4K ultra HD display plus HDR mode gives extreme details which brings over 8 million pixel for sharper and brighter picture.

Appliance has astonishing double prism technology providing right colour tone for every scene. Other than that it also has colour gamut technology for better day night experience.

This smart TV also supports screen casting and offers high speed mali graphics processor.

Further appliance has 3 HDMI ports to connect set top box, Blu Ray players, gaming console, 2 USB port to connect hard drives and other USB devices, 1 TFT Input Slot, 1 Headphone Jack, 2 AV Input Slots, 1 RF Slot for easy connectivity.

Smart set has android 7.0 operating system with pre-loaded apps like youtube, netflix, amazon prime etc. In-built wifi connectivity makes it amazing for this price tag.

Pros :
  • Colour gamut technology
  • High graphics processor
  • Double prism technology
Cons :
  • A bit low quality sound output
  • No IPS panel

Conclusion : This Television is suitable for dining room or big rooms as it has appealing display and eminent colour technologies.

Kevin 124 cm (49 inches) 4K KN49UHD-PRO 

KEVIN has been one of the pioneers in manufacturing LED televisions. This 2019 kevin model present one of the reasonable smart TV, having inbuilt wifi connectivity and certifies TV apps. 30 watt audio output makes it different amongst its peers.

  • Resolution : 3840 x 2160 pixels
  • Sound : 30 watts output
  • Ram Memory : 1 GB
  • Refresh Rate : 60 Hz
  • Item Weight : 16 KG
  • Connectivity type : USB, Built-in WiFi, HDMI
Reviews :

Television has smart screen mirroring to share your screen with ios or android mobile phones.

Kevin’s quantum lucent technology you can bring reel life to real life as it accelerates the quality of colours on your display.

Its dual core processor gives smooth multi-tasking experience and with its 1GB ram and 8 GB digital memory you will never lack of speed.

Apart from that appliance has 2 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports, inbuilt WiFi and Android 7 operating system.

Last but not least this genuine TV comes with 1 year standard manufacturing warranty from kevin.

Pros :
  • Smooth display
  • Exceptional 30 watt Audio
Cons :
  • No bluetooth support
  • Processor only have two cores

Conclusion : Appliance is good for its smooth and speedy graphics and memory. It also has colour gamut which adds extra points for its ranking.

eAirtec 55AT Ultra HD

This eairtec appliance offers 178 degree viewing angles with IPS panel for spectacular viewing impact. It comes with 1 year warranty and features black colour.

  • Resolution : 4k UHD
  • Sound : 30 Watts Output
  • Display : IPS Grade Panel
  • OS : Android Official
  • Screen Size : 55-inches
Reviews :

Television features integrated Android Based operating system that connects to home network or Firestick to provide streaming video services for your entertainment.

1GB ram memory enables quick switch back and forth between the application. Additionally 8GB internal memory has ample space to store apps.

In display wing, device has IPS grade panel with wide colour enhancer for clear and bright picture in 178 degree viewing angle.

It also features VGA slot for connecting laptop or PC to the TV. Other than that this appliance has multiple of extra connectivity ports than other like AV input and output slot.

This smart TV also has android 8.0 operating system and 30 watt notable sound output giving pleasurable acoustic gestures.

Pros :
  • Amazing sound bars
  • Dencent operating system
  • Additional AV slots
Cons :
  • Bad customer care survice
  • No bluetooth connectivity

Conclusion : This idiot Box is satisfactory for its sound system and latest operating system. By the way it does not have bluetooth connectivity.

TOSHIBA 139 cm (55 inches) 55U5050

Slim and sleek Toshiba television has different screen variants in different price range. It features VIDA operating system with Bluetooth and WiFi support.

  • Resolution: 4K Ultra HD
  • Refresh Rate: 60 Hertz
  • Sound : 30 Watts Output
  • Display: Dolby Vision HDR
  • Operating System: VIDA Os
Reviews :

This smart TV is equipped with Dolby vision HDR with its frame by frame processing ensuring ultimate brightness, colours and detailed images.

None the less 4K ultra HD tv features ultra dimming technology for vivid details.

Astrounding VIDA operating system with in-built Alexa gives fast, simple and customizable provisions,which also supports screen mirroring.

On connectivity end, device has 3 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports, dual band WiFi, bluetooth audio out and voice remote.

30 watt powerful sound delivers amazing moving audio with Dolby sound technology.

Pros :
  • Fast operating system
  • Slim bezel design
  • Voice remote and in-built alexa
Cons :
  • Only 4 GB internal memory which is insufficient.
  • Can not install apps on your own

Conclusion : Television delivers overall experience with Dolby vision technology and Dolby speaker of 30 watt.

RCA 124 cm 49WR1904U

RCA 4K TV comes with a premium metallic design with 1 million+ hours of entertainment. It provides quad core A73 processor 1 GB ram memory.

  • Resolution : 3840*2160
  • Operating System : Android 7.0
  • Display : 4k display with A+ grade panel
  • Picture mode : Dynamic and soft
  • Response Time : 8 milliseconds
  • Maximum Operating Distance : 8 feet
Reviews :

Dolby audio technology, gives theatre-like experience right from home with the powerful 24W stereo speakers that lets you immerse yourself in the world of entertainment.

High speed 800 MHz dual core processor with quad core graphics processor makes it multiple times faster than conventional TV.

Exceptional 8 GB ram grant extra accelerated speed,  Whether it is live streaming high quality videos, downloading content, or playing graphic intensive games, you can do all of it seamlessly.

Quantum backlit technology with wide colour gamut delivers true ultra HD colours and frames for totally engaging experience.

Pros :
  • 8 GB of ram which is alot more than other tvs in this categoty.
  • Has broad service center chain in india
  • More pre-loaded entertainment
Cons :
  • Slightly lower sound quality
  • Slight lag in UI response

Conclusion : To conclude I would only say , television has excellent features according to this price mark. It has only one drawback, that is its little smaller screen size. Although larger screen size of this model is also available but are more costly.

Sanyo 108 cm (43 inches) Kaizen Series XT-43UHD4S

Sanyo’s smart tv gives several amazing smart features and decent display quality. This appliance features android 9.0 system and trait like voice search. Appliance is considered as best 43 inch smart tv.

  • Resolution : 4K Ultra HD (3840 x 2160)
  • Connectivity : 3 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports and Headphone out
  • Smart TV Features : Android 9.0,  Bluetooth Remote, Chromecast Built-in 
  • Ram : 2 GB
  • Storage : 16 GB
Reviews :

Super bright display with HDR10, 1 billion colour display and micro dimming technology lets you have an immersive watching experience.

Latest Android pie 9.0 operating system with pre-installed Netflix, youtube and amazon prime will entertain you for extended hours. Aside from that it also features built-in chrome cast that lets you stream your favorite entertainment videos and apps from your phone.

Digital sound processing with 2 link dolby audio system provides clear as well as enchanting musical experience.

This TV has upper hand in storage capacity as it offers 16 GB memory. Moreover for processing data it has an amazing quad core processor.

In addition to that device has voice search support and triple core GPU for increasing overall performance.

Pros :
  • Appliance has good processor and graphics card
  • Performance of the display is also decent
  • Awesome storage capacity
Cons :
  • Firmware has lots of bugs
  • Sometimes amazon prime does not work properly

Conclusion : Altogether it has good value for money with remarkable processor and GPU performance.

Shinco 109 cm (43 inches) 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV S43UQLS

Shinco Ultra HD LED smart TV is powered by A-55 quad core processor with OTA updates to keep you up to date with the technology. Device also provides 60 hertz refresh rate 178 degree viewing angles.

  • Resolution : 3840*2160
  • Operating System : Android 9.0 with uniwall
  • Display : Quantum Luminit Technology HDR display
  • Sound : 20 watt output with surround sound technology
  • Warranty : 1 year warranty
  • Maximum Operating Distance : 7 feet
Reviews :

Specially engineered Quantum Luminit Display reproduces more shades of colors with finer gradation. It is a modern technology that accelerates the colour quality on the screen for breathtaking experience.

Bluetooth connectivity ensures fast and easy controlling of the device.

Television’s dbx-tv Technology has a psycho-acoustic algorithms that fills the room, while AI automatically control the level of loud commercials etc. for an enticing sound.

One of most awesome feature of the appliance is that it has movie box subscription that has a variety of movies and shoes in 16 languages.

Besides it also have screen mirroring, 2GB ram, 8 GB storage and e-share which gives entertainment and speed in a combination package.

Pros :
  • Smart e-share feature
  • Advance sound quality
Cons :
  • No voice support
  • Does not have pre-installed youtube, netflix or any other apps

TCL 108 cm (43 inches)  AI 4K UHD Certified 43P8

TCL has a variety of a products in different screen sizes and resolution in colour black. It has out of the box AI inter-connection with refresh rate of 60 hertz.

  • Resolution : 4K Ultra HD
  • Smart TV Features : 4K Android TV + HDR
  • Operating System : Android 9.0
  • Warranty : 18 Months
  • Item Weight : 7 KG
Reviews :

TCL television features AI interconnection which connects the TV with other smart home devices like lights, curtains, sweeping robots and so on to bring more relaxed life experience.

The HDR 10 produces dazzling detail images with accurate reproduction of light and dark shades. Allowing you to experience HDR content via all sources accordingly.

Appliance also has micro-dimming which adjust the brightness and contrast to deliver vivid picture quality for prominent watching experience.

Other than that it has about a million hours of stored content and android 9.0 for effortless entertainment.

Lastly on acoustic end, TV has a 20 watt output sound system. And also gives multiple of ports for easy connectivity.

Pros :
  • Easy controlling and smart AI assistant
  • Exceptional picture quality
Cons :
  • Sound might not be clear if you connect home theatre
  • TV Performance is dependent on internet strength

Koryo 164 cm (65 inches) 4K Ultra HD LED TV KLE50UDFR63U

Koryo is a big indian brand that manufacture different home and kitchen appliance like TV, refrigerators etc. This Koryo’s 50-inches TV also presents LED ultra HD 4K display and 16 watt sound output and A+ gradel display panel.

  • Resolution : 4K ultra HD
  • Processor : Dual core processor
  • Operating System : Android 7.0
  • Warranty : 1 Year
  • Refresh Rate : 60 hertz
Reviews :

This smart TV has a Android 7.0 operating system and a dual core processor which is more than enough in this category.

60 hertz refresh rate ensures the no motion blur inherent for delightful performance.

Surprisingly appliance provides 2 AV input and output slot and 3 HDMI ports separately, which increases it number in connectivity.

TV also gives VGA slot to connect your laptop to the TV for easy and comfortable controlling.

Furthermore the wide angle view and motion contrast makes its watching more entertaining.

Pros :
  • Decent motion picture quality
  • Satisfactory connectivity options
Cons :
  • Low sound output
  • Older android operating system
  • No bluetooth or voice search support

Mi TV 4A PRO 108 cm (43 Inches) Full HD Android LED TV

Xiaomi has introduced some excellent smart TVs under Rs 30,000 in the Indian market. These TVs have exquisite features like google assistant, data saver and so on. .

  • Resolution : 4k with 16;9 aspect ratio
  • Connectivity : 3 HDMI ports, 3 USB ports and WiFi connectivity
  • Display : LED panel
  • Response Time : 6.5 milliseconds
  • Audio : 20 watt output
Reviews :

The 64-bit quad core processor, 1 GB ram and 8 GB internal storage makes this TV one of most high performing in this list.

For mirroring laptop or mobile screen, TV features built-in chrome cast, and it also has a 700k hours of content across the 15 languages.

Television has a Mi remote which provides voice assistant, apart from you can also download apps from google playstore for more entertainment.

In addition to that 20 watts stereo speakers with DTS-HD technology delivers stunning surround sound like a cherry on a cake.

This genuine device comes with 1 year standard brand warranty.

Lastly it also features data saver that reduces the data usage upto 3 times.

Pros :
  • Fair picture quality
  • Adequate processor and ram
Cons :
  • Screen cast have some bugs
  • Sometimes google assistant does not work properly

LG 108 cm (43 inches) Full HD LED Smart TV 43LM5650PTA

LG is amongst the most big indian television brands, they make multiple of products with a varying price category. This LG model comes equipped with quad core processor and the colour black.

  • Resolution : Full HD (1920 x 1080)
  • Display : Active HDR backlight display
  • Operating System : Web OS
  • Remote Type : Conventional remote
  • Audio : 20 watts
Reviews :

This model features Webos operating system, which is better in terms of interface than the android or other operating system.

Full HD screen of the device delivers more accurate images in stunning resolution and vivid color. Appliance also has dynamic colour enhancer for producing rich colours and more natural images.

Dolby audio sound with DTS virtual X enhances the sound quality by delivering flawless audio from all direction. It has 20 watts audio output.

This television also has smart home dashboard to access all connected smart devices from one screen.

Aside from that, TV has office 365, WiFi connectivity and a decent processor.

Pros :
  • Speakers are of excellent quality for small rooms
  • Satisfactory display
  • Smart home dashboard
Cons :
  • No bluetooth connectivity
  • Voice assistant would be more amazing

OnePlus Y Series (43 inches) Full HD LED Smart TV 43Y1

One plus has established its reputation in fields other than TV also like laptop and mobile. It is mostly known in the market for its build quality as well as appearance. This Y series TV offers full HD display with some of amazing smart features.

  • Resolution : Full HD (1920 x 1080)
  • Refresh Rate : 60 hertz
  • Operating System : Certified Android
  • Mounting Type : Wall mount
  • Display Type : LED
Reviews :

This TV is compatible with dolby audio with 20 watt output delivering superior and immersive sound encounter.

The bezel less design with the 93% colour gamut makes users forget travel between reel life and real life.

Appliance has a simple connectivity to mobile through one plus app, and a simple google assistant for comfortable management.

Users can benefit from library of premium content, content calendar, Oxygenplay access and other multiple of hours of entertainment.

64-bit processor and shared album feature takes its performance to another level. It also has a 1 GB ram and android certified operating system.

Pros :
  • 64- bit processor which increases performance
  • Easy connectivity and feature to share photos from anywhere
Cons :
  • High response time in opening apps
  • Average picture quality

Important Things To Know Before Buying a Smart TV

Buying a smart television is not an easy task, you should compare at least 7 to 8 TVs based on their price, size of screen, content available, resolution and smart connectivity features.


The number of small square sized pixels present in the screen to deliver detailed and clear image is called as resolution.

Image defining screen resolution

4k resolution s more than enough for a mid range television. It also delivers delicate colour range and amazing motion pictures.

Some televisions may feature Full HD resolution, which is also fine for a simple home tv. This resolution is also cheaper than the 4k resolution.

Screen Size

It is one of the most important aspect to look for in a television. For the televisions of this category the most suitable screen sizes are 43, 49 and 50 inches.

Television screen size

Screen size totally depends on user’s need. If you want a giant size tv for a huge room, you can also check 55 inches televisions which we have listed above.

Sound System

Sound system is the icing on the cake type of factor which enhances the watching experience. Some sound systems also comes with surround sound and multi-directional sound to deliver cinema like experience.

What is best sound system for a smart tv

Good sound system carries dual link audio output with stereo speakers or Dolby audio system.

Connectivity Ports

Connectivity ports are also a major factor to look for in a smart tv. It allows you to connect systems like setup-box, gaming console etc.

smart Tv connectivity ports

Smart Features

AI technology, voice search, Google assistant and smart connects and so on makes the television smarter.

Smart Connect – This helps in connecting tv to the other smart home appliances like mobile, laptop etc.

Voice Search – For easy and comfortable use the voice search is provided in tv. It can change channels, apps and do multitasking with a talk.

Content – Nowadays television comes with pre-installed apps and entertainment to deliver good quality experience. Television also comes with upto hundreds of thousands of hours of entertainment content in multiple of languages.

Apps – Apps like Netflix and Amazon prime are changing the typical old school industry, so the new smart tv offers Netflix, Zee5 etc. to keep you engaged.


Another major aspect in the smart television is its display. The display sould be HDR or Dolby vision or some other, which sould deliver delicate colours, brighter and realistic images.

High Dynamic Range display or HDR display

IPS panel and bezel less design also enhances the viewing quality of the device.

Other Features

Storage capacity, ram memory, WiFi connectivity and bluetooth support are also features that makes a difference.

Storage capacity lets you have an internal downloaded content, so to enjoy it offline.

WiFi and bluetooth are also some important features to look. Generally all smart tvs comes with wifi support, but some tv does not provides bluetooth support.

Bluetooth voice search is also a feature that is present in some of the smart tv.

Besides, tv should have elegant design and proper mounting type.

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Best Smart TVs In India Dec(2020) Reviews & Buying Guide!
Article Name
Best Smart TVs In India Dec(2020) Reviews & Buying Guide!
This list includes 43 inch smart TVs, smart 4k TVs, 49 inches TVs and 55 inches smart TVs. Generally we have listed all the smart TV under 30,000 price boundary, because best tv should also be cost-efficient.

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