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7 Best 1 Ton Ac In India(Split AC) May(2021) Reviews & Buying Guide!

India is a very hot country, here you cannot survive without an air conditioner. Ac market in india is expected to grow at the CAGR of 14.2% between 2021 to 2026.

1 Ton ac in india

Ideally 1 ton ac is enough for most of the bedrooms. It is energy efficient and delivers suitable cooling.

Which is best 1 ton AC?

The best 1 ton Ac should have the economical and effective cooling, good design and body as well as zero ozone depletion in order to protect the environment. Not only that we should also consider price as a deciding factor. Apart from that it should have quite and vibration-less operation.

Best 1Ton AC in India

So here are some of the best AC products and brands in 1 ton category.

Sanyo 1 Ton Split AC (Copper, PM 2.5 Filter, 2020 Model, SI/SO-10T3SCIA White)

Sanyo has served the air conditioner’s market for more than 68 years. This AC features full inverter technology to provide high efficiency and longer retention rate.

Features :
  • Energy Rating – 3 star
  • Refrigerant Gas – R32
  • Inverter compressor
  • No ozone depletion
  • Anti dust filter

Glacier Mode allows 35% higher fan speed over medium mode to deliver instant cooling in lesser amount of time. AC is also equipped with sleep function which auto adjusts the temperature for restful sleep.

Above all this Sanyo ac features built in PM 2.5 and anti-dust filters that help remove dust, pollen and suspended particles. In addition to that, copper condenser of the appliance effectively transfers heat and it is resistant to corrosion. Not only that it is also easy to maintain and clean.

Air conditioner is resistant to salt and corrosion with hydrophyllic fins which increases the life span of the product.

This full inverter compressor AC features elegant design with hidden temperature display giving aesthetic look to your wall. Lastly error shooting is effortless and easy with self diagnosis system and displays error code on temperature display.

Back Lit remote – Ergonomically designed remote featuring glow-in-the-dark Temperature Control and Power On/Off buttons for ease of operation.

Eco Function – Lower power bills with the Eco function on the remote of Sanyo Inverter ACs that optimize performance for energy-efficient operation.

Auto Restart – Resets temperature after a power cut with Sanyo Inverter ACs that automatically resume original settings once the power is back.

Pros :

  • Extremely energy efficient
  • Effective cooling

Cons :

  • Design could have been better

Godrej 1 Ton Inverter Split AC (Copper, 2020 Model, GIC 12HTC5-WTA Split 5S, White)

This godrej ac comes with powerful compressor which has capacity to cool the rooms of 100-150sqft area. This air conditioner is amongst the top energy efficient products in AC niche.

Features :
  • Energy Rating – 5 star
  • Warranty – 1 year product and condenser and 10 years compressor warranty
  • Noise Level – 43dB
  • Anti-corrosive filter and air filter

Powerful compressor of the ac gives wide rotational frequency to speed up cooling without exerting too much pressure. Thus leads to less power consumption, reduced noise levels and faster cooling.

Moreover air conditioner consumes less energy as it has green inverter technology which quickly optimizes and adjusts to the room temperatures ensuring less energy usage. Besides appliance also has smart diagnosis system to quickly rectify errors.

This device is equipped with tri-filter air purification system having anti-dust, anti-bacterial and active carbon filter. It is paired with a Healthy blow out feature so to prevent bacteria formation giving cool and fresh air.

Apart from that, appliance has R32 refrigerant Gas that is environment friendly with no ozone depletion potential. Product is also made in India.

Silent operation – This Godrej AC operate on a lower noise level to provide you a comfortable cooling experience without ruining your sleep.

No rusting – Designed to prevent Rust and corrosion Bluefin Copper Evaporator along with Golden Fin Anti-Corrosion Condenser.

Pros :

  • Silent operation
  • Tri-filter to provide clean air
  • Extremely energy efficient

Cons :

  • Customers reported poor installation service

Daikin 1 Ton Inverter Split AC (Copper, PM 2.5 Filter, 2018 Model, FTKP35TV, White)

Dalkin presents 1 ton white split AC with quite indoor operation. Ac comes with variable speed compressor and copper condenser coil. The most differentiating factor of the dalkin air conditioners is thier purification systems.

Features :
  • Energy Rating – 4 star
  • Coanda Airflow
  • No ozone depletion potential
  • Noise Level – 29 dB

Air conditioner has built in stabilizer which protects the AC during power fluctuations and dim light. Also the neo swing compressor decreases vibration, and also prevents leakage of refrigerant gas.

Appliance is also eco-friendly with R32 refrigerant gas which has zero ozone depletion, also R32 is a single component refrigerant, which makes it easy to recycle.

On cooling front, radiant cooling enhances comfort cooling by evenly distributing air in every corner of the room, with the help of one click on your remote control. Besides air conditioner removes all the moisture from air and ensures no foul smell in air whenever you start air conditioners.

This dalkin product is also known for its noise less operation, it is one of the least noisy AC in the market with only 29dB noise level.

Econo Mode – Econo mode enables efficient operation by limiting the maximum power consumption. It is useful when using the air-conditioner and other electrical devices simultaneously on a shared electrical circuit.

Sleep Off Timer – Sleep off timer option empowers you to control temperature of your air conditioner while you are sleeping. You can adjust room temperature as per your comfort.

Pros :

  • Amazing performance and noiseless working
  • Effective and odourless cooling system

Cons :

  • Does not have temperature display on the indoor unit

Whirlpool 1 Ton Inverter Split AC (Copper, 1.0T MAGICOOL PRO 5S COPR INVERTER, White)

This Whirlpool magicool pro inverter AC cools even at 55 degree with turbo cool technology and 6th sense fast cool technology. It has 100% copper condenser which provides more durability and efficiency.

Features :
  • Energy rating – 5 star
  • 6th sense cooling system
  • Refrigerant Gas – R32
  • Stabilizer free operation

First of all this ultra smart air conditioner cools even at 55° temperature. And has advanced inverter technology that adapts to your cooling needs while reducing electricity usage and keeps power consumption low.

For effective cooling air conditioner is equipped with Multi Port Fluid Injection a unique 4×4 evaporator circuit design for rapid heat exchange resulting in enhanced cooling capacity and power savings.

Machine’s 6th sense smart system provides instant uniform cooling when switched on. Likewise it’s stabilizer free operation ensures safety of the device during power fluctuations.

Above all appliance is aesthetically designed for a bedroom having smart circuit design and capillary design, ensures instant comfort. It gives an astonishing look to your room and wall.

Self diagnosis – Easily self diagnose the error and report it to your whirlpool authorized service center for quick resolution.

Intelli-sense technology – This technology helps in reducing power consumption without hampering the cooling and freshness.

Pros :

  • Smart technology for cooling and maintains quick overall temperature
  • Has very low power usage

Cons :

  • Poor installation and customer service
  • Does not have led display

Panasonic 1 Ton Wi-Fi Inverter Split AC (Copper 2020 Model CS/CU-XU12WKYF, White)

Panasonic Split Air Conditioners feature a Premium Japanese Design. The Air Conditioners have a Twin Cool Inverter for faster and enhanced cooling.

Features :
  • Energy rating – 5 star
  • Suitable for room size upto 110sqm
  • Wifi connection
  • 10 year compressor warranty

This Japanese model air conditioner can also be controlled by your voice by Alexa and Google assistant devices. Because it offers seamless and comfortable handsfree control. You can also Control the device from another place by WiFi connectivity.

Additionally Panasonic’s jet steam technology provides amazing cooling with Up to 45 Feet Reach Airflow With large air intake and diameter. JETSTREAM achieves a maximum airflow length of up to 45 feet. Which delivers clean and comfortable air in every corner of the room.

AC is extremely flexible. It can handle power fluctuations from (145-285V) giving smooth as well as steady performance.

Panasonic is also renown for its Japanese design. This machine features shield Blu which protects Evaporator against corrosion from air, water and other corrosive elements.

Nanoe technology – Nanoe Technology is deodorizes, inhibits the growth of bacteria and viruses. And is effective in dust removal to create a fresher and cleaner living environment.

All-Weather Endurance – Crafted to resist tough weather conditions like rain, direct sunlight and strong winds.

Pros :

  • Tough and aesthetic design
  • Handsfree control and WiFi availability
  • Extremely energy efficient

Cons :

  • Does not have copper condenser

Voltas 1 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC (Copper 123VCZTT White)

This Voltas air conditioner is favourable for small rooms. It also has different capacity variants in different price category. It’s super silent operation and copper condenser makes it one of the best choice in 1 ton AC.

Features :
  • Energy rating – 3 star
  • Warranty – 5 years compressor and 1 year product warranty
  • Ideal for 100-150 sqm rooms
  • Wide Voltage Range Operation

This split AC features some amazing modes like Superdry, turbo cooling etc. Superdry mode dehumidifies the room quickly by capturing the extra water vapour in air at much higher rate and within less time to quickly reduce the temperature of room.

Machine is reliable with stabilizer free operation protecting the air conditioner in the case of power fluctuations. It also saves energy with constant cooling.

Advance purification system of the appliance removes the odour from the air giving fresh and healthy atmosphere. This eco friendly air conditioner is equipped with copper condenser and R32 refrigerant gas which has zero ozone depletion.

To sum up I would only say that super silent working and efficient cooling is the key aspects of this amazing 1 ton AC.

Ambidient cooling – It gives adequate cooling even at 52°C

Multi-stage filtration – Removes allergens, odours and other harmful particles to give you cool and fresh air.

Pros :

  • Noise-less Operation
  • Amazing cooling modes for efficient cooling

Cons :

  • Has slightly small size

Whirlpool 1 Ton 3 Star 2020 Split AC with Copper Condenser (1.0T NEOCOOL 3S COPR, White)

Whirlpool is a dominant brand in air conditioner market with its wide range of air conditioners. This air conditioner offers MPFI and turbo cooling technology and 100% copper compressor. Also it comes with R32 refrigerant gas.

Features :
  • Energy rating – 3 star
  • Noise level – 44dB
  • Plastic material
  • Hd filter

This AC is renown for its ambient cooling system which can give comfortable environment even at 55°C which is highest in this niche. It can also instantly increase the cooling with turbo cooling mode giving comfort and fast cooling.

Self clean feature prevents the rusting of the evaporator coil and growth of harmful microorganisms within the AC. Like any other air conditioner this AC is also eco-friendly with zero ozone depletion.

Appliance has wide compressor running speed for saving energy or time. Eco function runs the compressor slower reducing the pressure in the condenser, which decreases the motor’s energy usage and increases its efficiency.

This air conditioner is different from other it’s peers because of HEPA filter which purifies air through a fine mesh that traps harmful particles. Overall this AC has fine design and a bunch of high-tech features to satisfy your purposes.

Sleep function – The sleep mode automatically regulates the air around you and increases the temperature per hour.

Self Diagnosis function – Error is displayed on the display panel to easily diagnose the problem.

Pros :

  • Easy to diagnose errors and amazing functions
  • Satisfactory filtration
  • Decent design and build

Cons :

  • This is non-inverter air conditioner

Buying Guide For 1 Ton Split AC

Here are some important things you should see before buying Split Air conditioner.

Is 1 Ton AC Enough?

1 ton air conditioners are mostly suitable for bedrooms, they can cool 100 to 120 square feet area effectively. For living room and other big halls 1.5 ton Ac is the ideal one.

1 ton Ac can also be used in living rooms but you should check room size before mounting it, otherwise you have to compromise in cooling. Other advantage of 1 ton air conditioner is that it consumes less power and time to cool.

Split AC Or Window AC!

Split air conditioner has upper hand over window ac in many sector, split ac offers amazing cooling system designed for larger rooms.

Window ac vs split ac advantages and disadvantages
Less Noisy Split air Ac provides smooth and noise-less operation which enhances its overall performance.
Energy Efficient – It is more energy efficient and consumes less power, whereas window Ac require more electricity and power supply.
Design & Look – They have aesthetic and appealing look and good body build quality. Split Ac gives astonishing look to walls.

On the other hand Split air conditioners are more costly and requires high maintenance.

Cooling and Filtration!

Modern air conditioner comes equipped with zero ozone depletion technology which does not harm the environment. Above 1 ton Acs have long retention rate, they can effectively cool the room even at 50 to 52 degree temperature.

Tri-filters, HD filters and all are some of the filters used in 1 ton air conditioners, these filters have multiple of filtration removing foul gases, odors and dust. Apart from that copper condenser coil transfers heat productively and it is resistant to corrosion also. These filters are also easy to clean and maintain, cleaning filter every once a while increases the lifespan of the air conditioner.

What Is Energy Rating And Does It Matter?

An air conditioner’s efficiency is measured by the EER, which is ratio of cooling capacity to the power input in watts. It is assumed that the air conditioner is running 2000 hours per year irrespective of the climate and temperature.

How Energy Rating Label Looks

The more star it has the more energy efficient it is. In india air conditioners are usually used for cooling thats why india produces more energy efficient air conditioners. Energy rating also affects the electricity bills, so you should see the energy efficiency before purchasing air conditioner. It matters alot in city like mumbai where we need air conditioners throughout the year because of the unpredictable climate of our city.

Know more about energy rating in air conditioners

Other Features

Last but not the least, air conditioner also offers some amazing features mentioned below.

Some smart features of washing machine
Sleep Function

This feature helps in maintaining the temperature throughout the night delivering astounding experience. It increases the temperature after every hours and also saves energy.

Ecno or Intelli-sense technology

This mode reduces the energy consumption without hampering the cooling. It also prevents the formation of bacteria.

Self diagnosis –

Error is displayed on the panel and company is reported for quick trouble-shooting and resolution of the error.

Weather Endurance & Stabilizer free operation –

Air conditioner protects itself in all weather including heavy rainy seasons, stabilizer free operation helps in protecting the ac during power fluctuations and loadshedding.

If you have any suggestions feel free to ask.

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7 Best 1 Ton Ac In India(Split AC) May(2021) Reviews & Buying Guide!
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7 Best 1 Ton Ac In India(Split AC) May(2021) Reviews & Buying Guide!
Ideally 1 ton ac is enough for most of the bedrooms, it is energy efficient and delivers suitable cooling. This article will help you purchase Ac according to your needs.

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